For over 30 years, American Combustion has consistently designed ways to increase operational efficiencies and reduce total cost of ownership by introducing specific chemical energy solutions.

Electric Arc Furnace

ACI has commissioned its proprietary PyreJet™ and PyrOx™ solutions on more than 50 EAF furnaces worldwide and has consistently helped its customers achieve significant savings (through metallurgical process energy optimization) and increase their production capacity (by reducing the arc-on time)
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Ladle Heaters

A cold ladle means lost heat. Look for ACI's reliable and well referenced ladle heating technology using one of the most flexible air- oxygen-fuel burner on the market.
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Based on our know-how in metallurgy, process control, oxy-fuel combustion and gas injection, American Combustion always offers the most optimum solutions for specific customer processes including non- ferrous applications.

Copper & Brass

Based on its know-how in metallurgy, process control, oxy-fuel combustion and supersonic gas injection, American Combustion models the furnace performance ....
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ACI's most used Aluminum solution integrates the PyreTron™ air/oxy/fuel burner providing a high flame temperatures, an improved heat flux and a more efficient combustion, allowing to significantly increase....
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ACI's most used Lead furnace solution, integrating PyreTron™ air/oxy/fuel burners, provides a higher flame temperature, an improved heat flux and ...
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