Electric Arc Furnace

American Combustion has commissioned its proprietary flame shrouded supersonic O2 injector PyreJet™ and Pyrox™ burner on more than 50 EAF furnaces worldwide and has consistently helped its customers achieve significant savings (through metallurgical process energy optimization) and increase their production capacity (by significantly reducing the arc-on time)

For each project, American Combustion selects among its many proprietary technologies, such as PyreJet™, PyrOx™, Alarc™-Jet, Alarc™-PC, PyreTron™, the most adapted tools to the furnace design and to the customer's specific process.

In order to efficiently integrate it's burner technology into it's clients furnaces, ACI has also designed a wide range of copper panels displaying:

  • Increased safety
  • High life time
  • Low maintenance
  • Integrated multi functions
  • Easy to install

ACI’s complete solution package to EAF customers includes burners, O2 injectors, water-cooled copper panels, carbon injection system, NG and O2 flow control valve trains, PLC and HMI based process controls and process optimization.