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American Combustion’s mission is to design, deliver and service advanced oxygen combustion systems and thus to provide innovative and energy efficient solutions for the Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals and Glass as well as the Oil & Gas and Energy industry.

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Our History


1984 Creation of American Combustion International
  ACI invents the Pyretron™ Burner (mixed Air-Oxygen burner) for EAF
1985 ACI starts offering Pyretron™ for Laddle Heater applications
1987 ACI starts offering Pyretron™ to non-ferous metal industry
1990 ACI develops Pyretron™ usage for incineration applications
1994 ACI introduces the PyrOx™ Burner (supersonic O2 with flame shrouding)
1995 ACI introduces the PyroLance for EAF
  ACI introduces the carbon injection burner lance
1998 ACI introduces the Pyrejet™ burner
1999 ACI signs Marketing & Development Agreement with Air Liquide
2001 American Air Liquide acquires the intellectual property from American Combustion International., enhancing both companies’ metallurgical know-how and technological portfolio.
  Creation of ACI, division of Air Liquide America L.P.
2002 ACI starts offering ALARC™-PC post-combustion technology
  ACI introduces the DRAGON™ panel (hosts the Pyrejet + Post Combustion + Carbon injection)
2003 ACI starts offering the ALARC™-JET supersonic O2 technology
  ACI and AL are developing new fume analysis and process modeling.
2004 ACI introduces the DRAGON™ XL and the FIN Panel (whose exposed surfaces inside the furnace are not water cooled)e
2005 Creation of Air Liquide Advanced Technologies US (ALATUS), a Delaware limited liability company, fully owned subsidiary of Air Liquide
2006 ACI becomes a division of ALATUS LLC
  ACI introduced the Basilisk B-1000 and B-400 water-cooled panels (for PyreJet, ALARC JET and Carbon Injection)
2011 ACI introduced the SUMP water-cooled panel (for PyreJet and ALARC JET)
2013 ACI introduced the Basilisk B-1000-DWC water-cooled panel that significantly improved the burner and panel lives
2016 ACI was purchased by ACI Holding LLC and started doing business as American Combustion International
2017 ACI started offering Lime Injection and Supersonic Carbon Injection technologies

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