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Since its creation in 1985, ACI has served hundreds of customers from the steel, stainless, copper, aluminum, and lead industries by conducting leading edge process energy optimizations and introducing innovative oxygen combustion tools.


ACI’s technological portfolio includes over 30 patents covering burners and panel designs, supersonic gas injection tools with or without flame shrouding, reheating processes, low-NOx combustion solutions and many more.


Based on the expertise gathered from hundreds of similar projects, ACI’s engineers are supporting their customers into making the best choices, by selecting the most appropriate solutions to their needs.


ACI stands committed to provide its customers with experienced metallurgical process counseling and with state of the art technologies compliant with the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Products and Tools

Burners & Injectors

ACI's burners and injectors provide efficient oxy/fuel combustion, increased furnace production, reduced emissions and much more.
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ACI has designed a wide range of copper panels so as to be able to bring an adequate solution to every furnace type and process needs.
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Process Control

ACI's process control solutions employ the latest advancements in Flow Controls, PLCs, HMIs and AI to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
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Process Optimization

Here at ACI we use a variety of scientific tools and state of the art techniques to help our customers operate as efficient as possible.
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Maintenance & Spare Parts

ACI provides regular onsite maintenance services as well as supply any spare parts required for safe and reliable operation of our combustion systems.
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