Burners & Injectors

ACI's burners and injectors provide efficient oxy/fuel combustion, increased furnace production, reduced emissions and much more.


The PyreJet™ is a single, wall-mounted, multi-function tool for Electric Arc Furnace (EAF). It is a patented innovative solution for maximizing EAF energy efficiency and steel output.
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PyrOx™ Burner

The PyrOx™ is an innovative burner which uses a pyrolysis based two stage combustion technique, providing superior radiative and convective heat transfer to the load.
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A flexible air-oxygen-fuel burner, allowing for a large range of set-up points. Largely used for ladle heating, non ferrous and incineration applications. By combining oxy-fuel and air flame, flue gas heat losses are reduced while available heat and productivity are increased.
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A newly designed oxygen wall-mounted supersonic nozzle generating a focused stream of oxygen that maintains its supersonic velocity for more that 2 meters without using a flame shroud. This allows to generate the benefits of conventional sidewall flame-shrouded injectors without the need for gaseous fuel, thus reducing the operational cost of EAF operations, when predominant flat bath conditions eliminate the need for the burner function.
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Patented post-combustion technology for high efficiency & high oxygen input in the EAF. ACI's low velocity oxygen injection enables the CO post combustion, inside the furnace. This allows for reduced wall skulls, reduced cave-ins, and energy/time savings.
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ACI has designed a wide range of copper panels so as to be able to bring an adequate solution to every furnace type and process needs:

  • Increased safety
  • High life time
  • Low maintenace
  • Multi functions
  • Easy to install

B-1000 Panel

The B-1000 Panel is one of ACI's most efficient and reliable panels available for EAF furnaces.
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B-400 Panel

The B-400 Panel is the safest and lightest panel available for EAF furnaces.
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SUMP Panel

The SUMP Panel is specifically designed for the EBT area of the EAF furnace.
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Whenever the existing panels do not have integrated post-combustion injection holes, separate ALARC-PC panels.
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Process Control

ACI's process control bridges the gap between human and machine.

Valve Trains

ACI has more than 30 years of experience in transporting and controlling gas and in particular gaseous oxygen in the safest conditions. This experience resulted in internal “Engineering Practices” that give rules and regulations for the gas oxygen piping, and in particular the design of oxygen valve trains.
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ACI's control system provides operating control and allows for system diagnosis. The screens are easy-to-use and designed to provide information.
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Process Optimization

Here at ACI, we use a variety of techniques to offer the most optimum solutions to our customers.

ALARC™-TDL & Off Gas Analysis

ALARC™-TDL is our patented Tunable Diode Laser based solution for off-gas analysis (CO/CO2/O2/H2O).
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In-house Models & Process Expertize

Our expert staff at ACI will complete the task at hand.
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Maintenance & Spare Parts

We can do repairs and/or provide new replacement parts for all our equipment.

Maintance and Spare Parts

ACI provides regular onsite maintenance services as well as supply any spare parts required for safe and reliable operation of our combustion systems.
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