ACI's most used Aluminum solution integrates the PyreTron™ air/oxy/fuel burner providing a high flame temperature, an improved heat flux and a more efficient combustion, allowing to significantly increase melting rates.

The system offers the flexibility to vary the ratios of combustion air and oxygen, in order to minimize oxygen consumption and optimize thermal performance. This provides significant operating cost savings, compared to traditional 100% oxy-fuel burners.

The fully automated PLC-based control system logic can be programmed to continuously optimize flame characteristics and to maximize system performance. The control system is equipped with self- diagnostic software for ease of maintenance. The operator interface provides for user-friendly operation.

Additional Benefits of the Aluminum PyreTron™ system include:

  • Improved modulating control of burner firing rate, air and O2 flow i.e improved turndown control.
  • Incorporation of bath temperature thermocouple into temperature control loop, for automatic feedback control of burner firing rate.
  • Tighter bath temperature control allowing for significant energy savings
  • Improved bath temperature control (elimination of high bath temperature excursions) allowing for improved yield (reduce oxidation losses)
  • Improved control of air/fuel and oxy/fuel ratios resulting in lower excess air (O2) levels in furnace atmosphere, which contribute to energy savings and to increased yield.
  • Increased melting rate which contributes to an increased yield.