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Industrial heating - June 2005

Oxygen enhanced combustion provides advantages in Aluminum melting - Industrial heating - June 2005

ScanMet II - June 2004

Continuous fumes monitoring for dynamic control of oxygen injections in EAF - ScanMet II - June 2004

Orlando, USA - Nov 2000

Theoretical and experimental study of supersonic oxygen jets - industrial application in EAF - Orlando, USA - Nov 2000

Steel Times - Sept 2001

Further advances in EAF efficiency with PyreJet Burner Injection - Steel Times - Sept 2001

AISTech May 2006

High efficiency production practice of a 100t DC EBT EAF at Xing Cheng Steel Works - AISTech May 2006

LME (France) - May 2002

PyreJet - a multi-function system for EAF steelmaking: industrial results at LME (France) - May 2002

European Electric Steelmaking Conference-May 2005

Advanced EAF Oxygen Usage at Vallourec Mannesmann Saint Saulve Steelworks - 8th European Electric Steelmaking Conference - May 2005

ISSTech - April 2003

ACI PyreJet technology: a key step in JYXC's strategy towards world class specialty steel production - ISSTech - April 2003

PyreJet Design and Industrial Results

PyreJet Design and Industrial Results

Chicago, USA - 2000

Performances Enhancement of reheating furnaces using oxy-combustion - AISE - Chicago, USA - 2000

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