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About American Combustion International

American Combustion International. History

- 1984: Creation of American Combustion International.

- 1984: ACI invents the PyretronTM Burner (mixed Air-Oxygen burner) for EAF

- 1985: ACI starts offering PyretronTM for Laddle Heater applications

- 1987: ACI starts offering PyretronTM to non-ferous metal industry

- 1990: ACI develops PyretronTM usage for incineration applications

- 1994: ACI introduces the PyroxTM Burner (supersonic O2 with flame shrouding)

- 1995: ACI introduces the PyroLance for EAF

- 1995: ACI introduces the carbon injection burner lance

- 1998: ACI introduces the PyrejetTM burner

- 1999: ACI signs Marketing & Development Agreement with Air Liquide

- 2001: American Air Liquide acquires the intellectual property from American Combustion International., enhancing both companies’ metallurgical know-how and technological portfolio.

- 2001: Creation of ACI, division of Air Liquide America L.P.

- 2002: ACI starts offering ALARCTM-PC post-combustion technology

- 2002: ACI introduces the DRAGONTM panel (hosts the Pyrejet + Post Combustion + Carbon injection)

- 2003: ACI starts offering the ALARCTM-JET supersonic O2 technology

- 2003: ACI and AL are developing new fume analysis and process modeling.

- 2004: ACI introduces the DRAGONTM XL and the FIN Panel (whose exposed surfaces inside the furnace are not water cooled)

- 2005: Creation of Air Liquide Advanced Technologies US (ALATUS), a Delaware limited liability company, fully owned subsidiary of Air Liquide

- 2006: ACI becomes a division of ALATUS LLC

- 2016: ACI was purchased by ACI Holding LLC and started doing business as American Combustion International

• General Information

American Combustion International is a world leader combustion technology solution provider.

ACI’s mission is to design advanced oxygen combustion equipment and to provide innovative and energy efficient solutions for the steel and non-ferrous metal industry

• Global Solutions 
Since its creation in 1985, ACI has served hundreds of customers from the steel, stainless, copper, aluminum, and lead industry by conducting leading edge process energy optimizations and introducing innovative oxygen combustion tools.

• Experience

ACI’s technological portfolio includes over 30 patents covering burners and panels design, supersonic gas injection tools with or without flame shrouding, reheating process, low-NOx combustion solutions and many more.

• Knowledge

Based on the expertise gathered from hundreds of similar projects, ACI’s engineers are supporting their customers into making the best choices, by selecting the most appropriate solutions to their needs.

• Service

ACI stands committed to provide it’s customers with experienced metallurgical process counseling and with state of the art technology, compliant with the highest standards of quality and safety

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