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PyrOx Burner

Characteristics of Pyrox™ technology

Efficiency: Highly luminous flame dramatically increases heat transfer efficiency to the load

Robust Concept: PYROX™ is an industry-proven design, showing extended longevity together with low maintenance requirements

Power Range: from 1.5 MW up to 4.5 MW

Low NOx due to:

  • Staged combustion. 
  • Multiple, high velocity jets (perfect mixing and reduced residence time)
  • Independently control of the oxygen / air ratio

PyrOx Burner

ACI's Pyrox™ burner system utilizes pyrolysis based two stage combustion technique that assures superior radiative and convective heat transfer to the load.
The fuel and oxidizer are pre-mixed in the combustion chamber to guarantee highest fuel utilization.

The Pyrox™ burner features a deep water-cooled combustion chamber and two oxidizing streams for for high heat transfer efficiency and flame structure control.

Pyrox™ burner benefits

  • Increase Furnace Production 
  • Increase melting rate up to 50% 
  • Decrease total energy cost 
  • Improve Metallic yield 
  • Extend Refractory life 
  • Optimize oxygen usage 

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