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PyreJet™ combines long range compact flame shrouded supersonic oxygen jet and focused carbon fines injection in one simple, low maintenance unit. PyreJet's™ unique design allows for a wide range of firing capacity and carbon/oxygen injection rates to accommodate any furnace size, grade mix, and heat cycle.



PyreJet™ offers significant operating and maintenance advantages over other decarburizing and chemical energy devices for EAF steelmaking.




Measured Performance

  • 60 kWh/ton Reduction 
  • 12% Reduction in Power On Time 
  • 1% Increase in Metallic Yield 
  • 20% Reduction in Electrode Consumption 
  • <30% Reduction in Refractory Consumption 

Improved productivity
Reduced operating cost
No moveable parts
Multipoint focused carbon/oxygen co-Injection
Balanced melting pattern
Improved slag foaming
Low maintenance
High reliability
Minimal installation cost
Efficient carbon monoxide post combustion




U.S. Patent No's.





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