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PLC Control & HMI

• PLC Control and Human Machine Interface

The control system provides operating control and allows to diagnose the system. The screens are easy-to-use and designed to provide information for safe operation, set points and system alarms. Supervisory personnel can review and modify the set points on secured screens.
All status and alarm conditions are detected by the PLC and clearly displayed with a message on the monitor (i.e. low oxygen pressure). Any alarm must be acknowledged and corrected by the operator before the condition is cleared and operations are resumed.

The system operation is fully automated and does not require operator’s involvement.


The typical system interface allow definitions of up to 10 different burner modes (as holding, charging, low heat, high heat, soft lancing, hard lancing, etc.). On each mode, the supersonic oxygen gas flow and the post-combustion oxygen gas flow can be set-up independently

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