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Copper Panels

The DEEP Panel

The DEEPTM Panel is one of ACI's most efficient and reliable panels available for EAF furnaces.

It's design allows for a deep position, enhancing the supersonic oxygen jet's efficiency by its proximity to the metal bath.








The FIN Panel

The FINTM Panel is the safest panel available for EAF furnaces. 

It's innovative design eliminates the risk of any water leakage inside the furnace.

Easily supporting all the shocks coming from the scrap loading, the FINTM panel allows for a deep position, enhancing the supersonic jet's efficiency.






The DRAGON Panel


The DRAGONTM Panel is the most flexible panel available for EAF furnaces.

It's innovative design includes PyreJet's combustor, the carbon injection pipes and the low velocity oxygen post-combustion injection.

The Dragon panel is installed in a deep position, enhancing the supersonic jet's efficiency.







Copper panels

The best burner system can display it's highest performance only if it's suitably dimensioned and installed into the furnace.

Therefore, in order to be able to bring an adequate solution to every furnace type and operating process needs, ACI has designed a wide range of easy-to-install copper panels displaying : 

  • Increased safety 
  • High life time
  • Low maintenance
  • Integrated multi functions



The ALARC-PC Panel

Whenever the existing panels do not have integrated post-combustion injection holes, separate ALARCTM-PC panels can be installed at the furnace's best suited locations






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