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ACI Tools

In order to be able to satisfy the needs of a large spectra of industrial applications, ACI has consistently designed and constantly improved its extensive range of combustion tools.

• ALARC-Jet™ Nozzle

A newly designed oxygen wall-mounted supersonic nozzle generating a focused stream of oxygen that maintains its supersonic velocity for more that 2 meters without using a flame shroud

This allows to generate the benefits of conventional sidewall flame-shrouded injectors without the need for gaseous fuel, thus reducing the operational cost of EAF operations, when predominant flat bath conditions eliminate the need for the burner function: 

  • Decarburization
  • Productivity increase
  • Composition and temperature homogenization

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• PyreJet™ Burner

The PyreJet™ is a single, wall-mounted, multi-function tool for Electric Arc Furnace (EAF).

It is a patented innovative solution for maximizing EAF energy efficiency and steel output.

  • Efficient oxy/fuel combustion for EAF 
  • Flame shrouded supersonic oxygen injection
  • Carbon fines injection
  • Useful post-combustion of carbon monoxide

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• Valve trains

In addition to being compliant with CE norms or to both NFPA 86 (National Fire Protection Association, 1995 edition) and CGA G-4.4-2003 (Compressed Gas Association, Inc.) norms, the valve trains supplied by ACI follow the higher safety requirements of .

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• PLC Control and HMI

ACI's control system provides operating control and allows for system diagnosis. The screens are easy-to-use and designed to provide information for safe operation, set points and system alarms. Supervisory personnel can review and modify the set points on secured screens.

The typical system interface allows to define up to 10 different burner modes (such as holding, charging, low heat, high heat, soft lancing, hard lancing, etc.). On each mode, the supersonic oxygen gas flow and the post-combustion oxygen gas flow can be set-up independently

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• ALARC™-PC (Post Combustion)

Patented post-combustion technology for high efficiency & high oxygen input in the EAF. ACI's low velocity oxygen injection enables the CO post combustion, inside the furnace, allowing for:

  • Reduced wall skulls
  • Reduced cave-ins
  • Up to 20 kWh/t energy savings 
  • >3 minute Power-On Time savings 

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• Copper panels

ACI has designed a wide range of copper panels so as to be able to bring an adequate solution to every furnace type and process needs:

  • Increased safety
  • High life time
  • Low maintenace 
  • Multi functions
  • Easy to install

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• Pyrox™ Burner

The Pyrox™ is an innovative burner which uses a pyrolysis based two stage combustion technique, providing superior radiative and convective heat transfer to the load.

  • Increased furnace production
  • Increased melting rate up to 50 %
  • Decreased total energy cost
  • Improved metallic yield
  • Extended refractory life
  • Optimized oxygen usage

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• PyreTron™ Burner

A flexible air-oxygen-fuel burner, allowing for a large range of set-up points. Largely used for ladle heating, non ferrous and incineration applications

By combining oxy-fuel and air flame, flue gas heat losses are reduced while available heat and productivity are increased :

  • No increase in total energy costs
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Optimized oxygen usage
  • Lower exhaust gas volume
  • Improved refractory life (copper/brass and aluminum) 

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